AWP Reiterates Its Resolve For Peace,Social Justice

PRESS RELEASE:  October 16, 2016  #AWPCongress KARACHI: The second federal congress of the Awami Workers Party concluded with a call for peace in the region and social change. The party described the current tension between Pakistan and India as a conspiracy of the ruling class of the two countries and demanded an immediate end to…

Keeping Track of the Katchi Abadi Case


Ever since we filed our Supreme Court petition challenging the legality of the demolition of the I-11 katchi abadi in Islamabad, the government and the CDA have repeatedly failed to carry out the court’s orders. To help the media and the general public keep track of the developments in the case, we have put together…

152 newly-elected AWP Local Councillors congregate in Islamabad


The Awami Workers Party (AWP) has unanimously demanded the Centre and the provinces to accept local governments as third tier of government and ensure genuine and substantive devolution of financial and administrative powers to them so that they could function smoothly and address the common man’s issues at the local level.