Call for unity of the Left, progressive forces

In a joint resolution, National Party, Awami Workers Party, Mazdoor Kissan Party, resolve to expedite alliance-building of the Left, democratic forces

Lahore: Only the unity of left-progressive forces across Pakistan can liberate working people, oppressed nationalities, women and religious minorities and transform the national security state into a genuine federal, democratic, people’s welfare state.

This was stated by the representatives of Mazdoor Kissan Party (MKP), Awami Workers Party (AWP) and National Party (NP) in a joint resolution issued after a meeting in Lahore on Saturday last.

The meeting was held to formally kickstart a process to bring all left-progressive forces in Pakistan together on a common platform, urged all intellectuals, young people and pro-people organisations to join the process of alliance-building and develop a broad-based anti-establishment front that strives to liberate the working people from exploitation and injustices of all kinds.
According to the resolution, they affirmed their resolve to expedite the process over the next few months.

The MKP, AWP and NP leaders said that the continuing dominance of the military establishment over Pakistan’s economy, polity and society has emaciated democratic forces, with mainstream parliamentary parties agreeing to the amendments in the Army Act to facilitate the extension and reappointment of the chiefs of armed forces particularly the extension in COAS General Bajwa’s term of office the most recent example in this regard.

Only the NP and PkMAP demonstrated the spine to oppose the amendment in the Army Act.

The left leadership noted that a growing section of society is now recognizing that the establishment’s so-called ‘national security’ narrative and policies have impoverished Pakistan’s people and resulted in regional and international isolation.

They welcomed the recent decision of the higher judiciary in the General Pervez Musharraf sedition case but asserted that nothing will change in Pakistan until and unless a coherent left-progressive alternative emerges to displace the opportunist mainstream parties who spew out much rhetoric about democracy but have consistently demonstrated that they are simply the establishment’s junior partners.

The Left leaders, nevertheless, called attention particularly to the disastrous situation under the so-called proponent of ‘change’, the PTI. They said the PTI government’s submission to the IMF and accepting its ‘reform’ programme has condemned the vast majority of Pakistan’s ordinary people to hyperinflation, unemployment, further destruction of the already emaciated public sector, more privatisations, and rapacious pillaging of natural resources under the guise of inviting foreign investment into the country. Meanwhile the PTI government – and its patrons in the establishment – continue to pander to foreign powers and their interests more generally.

The most recent and dangerous development in this regard is the Trump administration’s target killing of Iranian general Qassem Suleiman which has triggered major tensions in the region and could drag Pakistan into yet another protracted conflict at the behest of imperialist powers, even as the establishment and US continue to subject Afghanistan and the tribal districts in Pakistan to unending war and abuses under the guise of ‘countering terrorism’.

The left leadership also condemned in the strongest possible words intensifying state repression against all progressive and democratic forces in Pakistan, particularly through the inhuman practice of forced disappearance as well as bogus sedition/terrorism cases. They called particular attention to Idris Khattak, Alamgir Wazir, Baba Jan and the plethora of Baloch youth that continue to be disappeared in a manner suggesting a state policy of collective punishment.
The MKP, AWP and NP leadership further said that the ghost of military dictator Ziaul Haq continues to haunt society in the form of gross patriarchal violence against women and girls as well as suppression and victimization of dissent voices, with the recent death sentence against academic Junaid Hafeez particularly is troubling.

Issued b:

Deputy General Secretay