Pakistan Kissan (peasant) Committee launched at AWP’s peasant committee meeting in Lahore

Lahore, 11th Feb 2015: Pakistan Kissan (Peasant) Committee was launched today (11th February 2015) in Lahore by peasant committee meeting of Awami Workers Party, chaired by Younas Rahu federal Peasant Secretary AWP. It was decided that Kissan Committees would be organized in each district of Punjab within three months.

AWP Saraiki Waseeb and KPK will be decided within a week after consultation on the issue.

The meeting decided to campaign against feudalism, for effective land reforms, for Mozareen (tenants) right to land ownership, against loot and play set of agricultural mill owners of rice, cotton and sugar cane, against corporate farming and for agricultural labour rights.

A four members interim organizing committee was also established with Younas Rahu as chair of the committee.

The meeting was attended by AWP peasant secretaries from KPK, Saraiki Waseeb and Punjab, several district peasant secretaries, as well as Aasim Sajjad Akhtar (President AWP Punjab), Ihtisham Akber (GS AWP Punjab), Saba Uddin Saba (AWP Baluchistan) and Farooq Tariq (General secretary AWP).