AWP condemns US-led imperialist aggression against Syria

Islamabad, April 15, 2018 (PR): The Awami Workers Party (AWP) has condemned in the strongest possible words the missile strikes on Syria by the imperialist powers. The party termed it unjustified and an act of aggression that will escalate conflicts in the region and calls for an immediate halt to US-led attacks on Syria and withdrawal of Turkish forces from Kurdish autonomous region.

“The US-led attack under the pretext of use of chemical weapons by the Syrian forces in Damascus suburbs without any evidence and the UN approval is tantamount to aggression against a sovereign state and a move to destroy the efforts for restoring peace in the conflict-ridden Middle East”, AWP President Fanoos Gujjar and secretary general Akhtar Hussain said in a statement on Sunday.

Some media reports suggest that the UK is instrumental in staging the chemical attack on rebel-held enclave in Syria to justify western intervention in Syria to oust Assad government as the Syrian army has recently made significant victories after seizing Aleppo and expelling the terrorist groups from Ghouta. So the imperialist powers are out to stop Syrian army’s advances.

The AWP leaders said that the world imperialist powers, on the one hand, are selling weapons worth billions of dollars to the despotic rulers and on the other creating, financing and using terrorist outfits for furthering their neo-colonial agendas by destabilizing the Middle East to make profits from conflict, war and control their resources.

The party leaders said the US in the past had committed aggression against Vietnam, Iraq and other countries on false pretexts and now employing the same to resort to military intervention in Syria to achieve its imperialist objectives.

We call upon the peoples of all Arab countries, Turkey, Iran and others to halt the hostilities being perpetrated by US-led coalition and Israel, the two leaders said.



Federal Information Secretary

Awami Workers Party



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