AWP-GB leaders express sorrow over loss of lives in Chitral avalanche, damages to properties in GB



GILGIT (PR): The Awami Workers Party (AWP) Gilgit-Baltistan has expressed sorrow over the loss of lives in Chitral due to avalanche and heavy snowfall.

The AWP-GB leaders Inayat Abdali, Akhon Bai and Wajid have criticized the KP and GB governments for the delay in sending rescue teams to the affected areas and not providing relief to the people even after a lapse of four days.

The incessant snowfall and rains that continued for five days have wreaked havoc in Chitral, Ghizer, Astore, Gojal in upper Hunza, Baltistan and Diamer districts.

According to media reports 14 people including children and women buried alive and 10 people injured when an avalanche struck Shershall, a remote village in Chitral on Saturday. The avalanche buried 10 houses and damaged 19 others.

Scores of houses have also collapsed in different areas of Ghizer, Gojal, Astore and Baltistan Division.

Unprecedented snowfall has paralysed life in Gilgit-Baltistan, Ghizer, Astore and Baltistan being the worst-hit districts. The landslides triggered by heavy snowfall has blocked roads disrupted communications system and power supply to mountainous areas.

Vehicular and air traffic between GB and rest of the country remained suspended for the fifth consecutive day on Sunday due to blockade of KKH. Roads linking different areas of the region have also been blocked by landslides and avalanches.

People living in upper areas of Ghizer, Astore, Ghanche, Hunza, Diamer and Nagar, are facing hardships. Phandar, Hundarap, Gulakmuli and Teru villages in Ghizer District have received heavy snowfall resulting in closure of roads. The snowfall has left several people and their livestock, including yaks stranded in pastures.

The blockade of roads has resulted in shortage of essential food items in the affected valleys and the unscrupulous traders taking advantage of the situation are demanding exorbitant prices for the food items, Abdali said.

In the Gojal valley, gusty winds damaged a number of houses, uprooted trees and affected electricity and telephone transmission lines.

The AWP leaders criticized the KP and GB governments for not sending relief goods and rescue teams to the affected valleys.

While people in the affected valleys of Chitral and GB are facing various problems, PTI and PML-N, the two ruling class parties, are busy in blame game and wasting public money on their propaganda campaign.

They demanded the two governments to immediately, restore road links and electricity supply to the affected areas.

They asked the authorities to take notice of the situation and dispatch rescue and relief teams to the affected valleys where people are in urgent need of food items, medicines and fuel. They also demanded the authorities to ensure sufficient supply of food items to the affected valleys.

They also demanded compensation and shelter for the people whose houses, trees and livestock have been damaged.


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