AWP Lahore District chapter elects new office-bearers; Ghulam Dastagir opens new office


LAHORE: The Awami Workers party (AWP) Lahore District held its extraordinary session here on Saturday. The veteran peasant and trade union leader Ghulam Dastagir Mahboob, who was released from Sheikhupura jail on July 10, after incarcerating in prison for five years, was the chief guest. Earlier he was received by the party members and local leaders amid slogans showering praise and rose petals on him for his unwavering commitment to and the long struggle for the cause of the peasants and workers.
He inaugurated the newly-renovated office of the party at 5-McLeod Road.
The participants of the session approved appointments of new members to the dysfunctional offices of the District Committee.
All senior comrades spoke on the occasion and resolved to work with greater enthusiasm and commitment. The newly-elected office-bearers are Muhammad Hanif, vice-president; Nusrat Bashir Zafar, secretary women; Jahangir Sindhu, secretary information; Mansoor Ahmad Khan, secretary, youth; Zainul Abidin, secretary education; and Liaquat Naseer as secretary finance.
Taufeeq and Imran Nafees were elected members of the District Committee.


Awami Workers Party is a Left-wing revolutionary party of the working class, working people. peasants, women, youth, students and marginalised communities. It strives to bring about structural changes in society set up an egalitarian society based on social justice, equality, and free from all kinds of exploitation and discrimination on the basis of faith, religion, class, nationality, gender and colour.