"The petitioners contend that even at this early stage of the pandemic, the current federal and provincial governments have failed miserably and in fact, governments’ current policies, ignorance of the gravity of the situation and inaction would only further accelerate this issue."

A constitutional petition under Article 184(3) has been instituted in the Supreme Court of Pakistan, urging the Supreme Court to order the federal and provincial governments to take immediate action for effectively dealing with the coronavirus outbreak.

The petitioners adopted the stance that the governments have clearly failed even at such an early stage of the pandemic. They requested the SC to order the federal government to declare a national public health emergency across the country, establish an emergency relief fund, and utilize the dam fund for curtailment of this virus.

The petition has been moved by human rights organizations, activists, lawyers, President of Awami Workers (AWP) Punjab, and those who are directly affected by federal and provincial governments’ mismanagement in dealing with the rapid spread of the virus.

Read full article: Plea in SC for aggressive coronavirus measures, Pakistan Today, 22 March 2020