AWP dismayed at the throwing of bodies on Nishtar Hospital rooftop

Karachi, (Oct 16): The Awami Workers Party expresses its deep outrage over the inhumane treatment of abandoned bodies on the rooftop of the Nishtar Hospital mortuary in Multan. This heinous act is a gross violation of moral and social values ​​as well as a violation of medical ethics and Standard Operating Procedure (SOP). All bodies should be DNA tested to ascertain their identities.

AWP’s Acting President Akhtar Hussain Advocate and General Secretary Dr Bakhshal Thalhu said in a statement that throwing bodies on the rooftop of the hospital is not only an inhumane act but also indicates overall social indifference and moral decline of the Pakistani society. This act also exposes the apathy of the state towards the people and public health; What importance would people have in such a state where more than 30 million displaced people, including women, children and the elderly, are facing man-made calamity, destruction and criminal negligence and indifference of the ruling elite. They have been living without shelter surrounded by stinking water and mosquitoes for two months and the rulers are busy with palace intrigues and power game.

According to media reports, the hospital has a morgue where unidentified and abandoned bodies are kept, when the bodies start to decompose, they are kept in ventilated rooms on the roof of the morgue. He said the bodies should have been properly buried after being used for medical education and experiment purposes but they were dumped on the roof.

These leaders said that although it is common practice for medical colleges to use abandoned and unidentified dead bodies for medical purposes, they are preserved after applying chemicals. . The mutilated bodies are not thrown outside in the open but kept in a ventilated room. Throwing them in the open is inhumane.

The two leaders demanded that DNA analysis of all the decomposed bodies should be done so that the concerns of the relatives of the missing persons can be removed.

They also demanded strict disciplinary action against the responsible staff of Nishtar Hospital.