AWP holds protest demo against feudal lord for evicting peasant family from land

SINDH: Awami Workers Party (AWP) on June 11 held a protest demonstration in front of the Tando Allahyar Press Club against a feudal lord for evicting a peasant family and not paying their dues.
The protest rally was led by AWP Sindh President Bakhshal Thallo which marched on various roads and culminated at the Press Club. A large number of people mostly peasant women and children chanted slogan against feudal lord Abdul Razzak Bachani who has evicted peasant Kaaro Meghwar and his family from his land. Kaaro has been tilling Bachani’s field for generations now. Bachani has not paid dues of Rs6 million of the Meghwar family.
The local party comrades had made efforts to resolve the issue amicably but the feudal refused to accept their proposals.
A good number of AWP activists from Hyderabad expressed solidarity with the Meghwar family by joining the protest rally.
AWP local leaders including Comrade Haji Khan, Muzaffar Leghari peasant secretary Hyderabad District, Comrade Latif Laghari and Sindh AWP president Bakhshal Thallo addressed the protesters and demanded payment of Meghwar’s dues and restoring him on the land.
They demanded the Sindh government to take action against the feudal lord for harassing and exploiting the peasants.
They also demanded the abolition of feudalism and distribution of land among the haris and peasants.