AWP Gojal warns of protest drive if KKH land compensation not paid

AWP Gojal Tehsil organising committee formed. GB govt criticised for delusional statement about CPEC, GB’s constitutional status

PASSU (Gojal): The Awami Workers Party Gojal has expressed deep concern over the delay in payment of compensation for the land acquired during the Karakoram Highway reconstruction.
“The AWP will launch a protest campaign throughout Gojal and block KKH, if the district administration failed to pay compensation to the owners of land used in KKH reconstruction,” AWP Gojal Tehsil leaders said in a statement here on Thursday after a meeting held at Passu Village.
They said the protest campaign will continue till the acceptance of their demands.
An organising committee comprised of Akhun Bai, Jalaluddin, Sher Afzal, Shahid Akhtar, Muhammad Rafi, Asif Sakhi Ayyaz Karim and Ali Hassan, was formed to speed up party building process and membership campaign in Gojal as well as highlight public issues.
Senior leaders of AWP Hunza District including District Organiser Ikramullah Baig, organising committee members Wajid and Shahid also attended the meeting.
Through a resolution the participants of the meeting demanded the National Highway Authority (NHA) and the district administration to fulfil their promises and pay the compensations to the owners of the lands acquired or affected during the remodelling and reconstruction of KKH 10 years ago.
It was also decided that a delegation of the party will meet Deputy Commissioner of Hunza District to discuss other public issues with him.
They came down heavily on the PML-N government for deceiving the people. They said that the ruling elite has miserably failed to fulfil their hollow promises they had made during the election campaign.
They said that it is high time that all working class people should get united and overthrow the ruling elite.
The criticised the ruling party leaders for making delusional statements about the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC).
“The powerless and visionless corrupt rulers can no longer befool the people in the name of mega projects and development,” they said.



Awami Workers Party is a Left-wing revolutionary party of the working class, working people. peasants, women, youth, students and marginalised communities. It strives to bring about structural changes in society set up an egalitarian society based on social justice, equality, and free from all kinds of exploitation and discrimination on the basis of faith, religion, class, nationality, gender and colour.